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The Wyrm

A writing challenge community

The Wyrm: a prompt a day
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A community for writers, with prompts for original or fanfiction writing
Welcome to The Wyrm!
Current Prompt Set:

Character Prep (October 2013)

Methods of Travel (September 2013)
Totally Blinkin' Random (August 2013)
Neil Gaiman (June/July 2013)
Random (May 2013)
Curious Bones (April 2013)
Literary Quotes (March 2013)
Visual Prompts (February 2013)
Video Games (January 2013)
Strange Weather (December 2012)
Around The World (October 2012)
Beer (September 2012)
Treasure (August 2012)
Painting (July 2012)
Random (May/June 2012)
Fantasy (April 2012)
Music Shuffle (March 2012)
Fairy Tales (February 2012)
Lyrics (January 2012)
Cleaning (December 2011)
The Supernatural (October 2011)
Dreams and Nightmares (September 2011)
Michigan (August 2011)
Party! (July 2011)
The Number Three (June 2011)
Random (May 2011)
Waterways (April 2011)
Spring (March 2011)
Drinks (February 2011)
Winter (January 2011)
Family (December 2010)
Time (October 2010)
Ailments and Injuries (September 2010)
Colour (August 2010)
Music (July 2010)
Summer (June 2010)
Senses (May 2010)

The Wyrm is a writing community for writers of all abilities and genres, and is open to both original fiction and fan fiction. At the beginning of every month, one of the mods - herecirm or rainechan - will post a list of themed prompts. You can then choose a prompt to inspire a piece of writing - be it drabble or short story.
We recommend that you join the group in order to see all the posts, as most people display their work for Member's Only. :)


1. All writing must be put beneath an LJ cut.
2. Here at the Wyrm we encourage people to comment on others work - just as I'm sure you'd like people to comment on yours! However, drama and bitching will not be tolerated. Critique must be constructive.
3. Please tag your entries if you can. For example, if I had written a Doctor Who fanfic for the May 2010 prompts, I would tag it like this: author - herecirm, fan fiction - doctor who, prompts - senses, sci-fi

The following form must be posted with every entry, above the LJ cut:

Q. Do I have to write every single day?
A. No - unless you want to! There will be enough prompts for you to use them daily, but it's not required.

Q. Do I have to use the prompts in order?
A. Nope. Pick whichever ones you want.

Q. Should posts be public or only viewable to members?
A. It's totally up to you. All prompt set posts will be public, but you can make your own entries private if you prefer.

Q. Is there a word limit?
A. No, although remember that high word counts seem to put people off of reading on LJ - so don't be surprised if you don't get many comments on your 10,000 word story!

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