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We made a new friend!

You should all check out coffeeandcorks, a new affiliate from a new friend.

"If you're a writer looking for a daily nudge of inspiration from a community that truly cares about you, then check out Coffee and Corks: http://coffeeandcorks.livejournal.com/ It's a community dedicated to inspiring and encouraging other writers with daily prompts and challenges. Non-members are free to participate and comment on the public threads, but only members can post their work to the community. Members are encouraged to post any original fiction they are working on, a plot idea or struggle, a chapter, an excerpt, etc. and ask for help and feedback. Members can post publicly or privately for other members.

To top it all off, November is going to be a NaNo themed month filled with daily word count posts, races, excerpts, encouragement and the friendly community behind it."

They've got some pretty good challenges, from what I've seen so far. Go on over and say hi! Introduce yourself!