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Prompt List: March 2014, "Numbers"

Yes, I am a very bad mod. Here are your March prompts, only 10 days late! I think rainechan deserves a raise. Or a promotion. :P Not only does she always manage to get her prompts out on time, but she very politely prods me until I get around to posting mine...

This month's theme is: Numbers

1. The single most important thing.

2. One for sorrow, two for joy; in your character's culture, is there a similar superstitious rhyme? How does theirs go?

3. Three's a crowd: one of your characters feels left out.

4. Four of your characters are involved in a dangerous situation. They must react quickly: do they work together?

5. Five charms.

6. A character has a bag containing six items. What are they?

7. Lucky number seven.

8. A character is described as being three sheets to the wind (drunk).

9. A stitch in time saves nine.

10. The threefold law: positive or negative actions from a character are returned threefold.

11. Two wrongs don't make a right ... but maybe three will!

12. A baker's dozen.

13. Thirteen is unlucky for some; write about a character who finds thirteen to be a lucky number.

14. A half-hearted attempt.

15. A character enjoys fifteen minutes of fame - or infamy!

16. Sweet sixteen.

17. A character - or animal - displays a sixth sense.

18. Three kings/three wise men.

19. Just put one foot in front of the other.

20. If I had one wish...

21. One for all, and all for one; a group of characters fight side by side.

22. Catch 22.

23. A character is accused of being two-faced.

24. The four seasons: write a drabble for each season, following the year of one character.

25. Someone knocks three times.

26. "A good decision is based on knowledge, not on numbers." - Plato

27. In the eleventh hour, a hero steps forward.

28. The chance of success is a thousand to one. But your character gives it a shot, anyway...

29. A character picks the lesser of two evils.

30. Working nine to five.

31. A character is outnumbered.

Please remember to tag your entries, and use this form on every post:
<b>Prompt used:</b>
<b>Fan fiction / original fiction:</b>
<b>Warnings (if applicable):</b>

Author's Note: Please refer to profile for more information and rules. Your next prompt list will be posted on April 1st by rainechan. :)

Lottery: Sometimes, the best creativity comes as a result of constraint. Leave a comment on this post with your character(s) name, and I will match a prompt with them at random. You might find yourself exploring a scene you wouldn't have thought of.


Mar. 11th, 2014 09:32 pm (UTC)
5. Five charms. - for Grisandole
24. The four seasons: write a drabble for each season, following the year of one character. - for Seth